Experts in Leadership Consulting & Psychotherapy

We Help People
  • Break Negative Patterns
  • Achieve Positive Change
  • Strengthen Courage, Confidence & Resilience
  • Develop an Inner Coach


Coaching is a leadership development process that strengthens self-awareness, courage, confidence & resilience. It supports a leader’s capacity to manage difficult circumstances & maintain a positive leadership presence.


Managing negative self-talk is key to reducing stress & increasing a sense of confidence and joy. Learn more by listening to Jane’s TEDx “Boost Resilience: Take Charge of the Inner Critic & Inner Worrier.”


Psychotherapy focuses on resolving internal & interpersonal conflicts.  As seasoned therapists, we offer compassion & a wide range of therapeutic approaches to manage anxiety, depression, relationship issues & trauma.


For 22 years we have had the privilege of leading our annual program there – “Quiet Your Inner Critic & Calm Your Anxious Mind.” We look forward to Kripalu reopening in 2021.