Leadership: Resilient Leadership

The Challenge

Exemplary leadership involves advocacy, making decisions, taking risks, being creative and demonstrating resilience. When these core competencies are met with self-doubt, a leader’s power is diminished. Negative self-talk, and the worry it generates, is a powerful inhibitor of successful leadership. The Resilience Group teaches skills for positive inner-coaching™ that counteract fear, stress and negativity in order to fortify a leader’s strength.

Even highly accomplished people too often say to themselves:

  • “When I make a mistake, I feel so stupid”
  • “I don’t have what it takes; I’m just not leadership material”
  • “They gave me the promotion but I don’t think I’m really qualified”
  • “I feel like an impostor”
  • “I’m scared to speak up because they won’t like my idea”
The Resilience Group trains leaders to develop a powerful Inner Coach that counteracts negative self-talk, boosts resilience and maximizes productivity.

What is Resilient Leadership?

Resilient Leadership is about the capacity to move forward from adversity, to confidently transition into new roles when circumstances change and to maintain a leadership presence in the face of stress and challenging demands.

Resilient leaders roll with the punches, inspire optimism and motivate their teams to be productive even against hard odds. They impart the confidence needed to effect change and encourage others to persevere through difficult times


Resilient Leadership Model

Makes a Difference

While leadership trainings teach people what to do and how to do it, they often fail to attend to the subtle factors that get in the way – the Inner Critic that focuses on insecurities, creates doubt, initiates hesitation, stifles courage and limits productivity. This critic can and must be counteracted.

Developed over 20 years, our Resilient Leadership Model teaches strategies for inner-coaching™ that counteract negativity. Inner-coaching™ expands emotional intelligence (EI), promotes positive self-talk, decreases stress, promotes strengths, builds productive work environments and increases successful outcomes.