Leadership: Women’s Leadership

The Challenge for Women Leaders

Women think they need to be uber-experts before accepting promotions or next levels of responsibility. We have been taught to believe that ambition is a dirty word. We hesitate to excel beyond our female colleagues for the discomfort that comes when we are separate from them. We want to be liked and seen as “nice” which makes it difficult when needing to assume positions of authority.Women have been raised to think that if we do a good job, our good work will be recognized and rewarded. In the work world this is not how things happen. Unless we ask for what we want, we will probably not get it. Unfortunately most of us are unskilled at negotiating, and when we do negotiate, we fear being seen as “bossy.”Many women suffer from the “imposter syndrome. “ Often times when we are recognized or promoted, our Inner Critic says, “I was just in the right time at the right place.”

For these reasons, and more, The Resilience Group has designed leadership training and coaching programs that empower women to:

  • Strengthen the voice of an Inner Coach to counteract negative self-talk
  • Identify and claim strengths, gifts and talents
  • Learn strategies for stress management
  • Boost skills that support and sustain resilience
  • Distinguish facts from feelings and fortify emotional intelligence (EI)
  • Develop authentic leadership presence
  • Manage the challenges in work-life balance
  • Speak with influence and authority

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“Due to a lack of self-confidence or a more ambivalent relationship to power, many women wait to be asked before expressing an interest in a promotion and hesitate to volunteer for a risky task that can prove their value if successful. Clinical psychologists Jane Shure and Beth Weinstock, meanwhile, have written about women’s “Inner Critic,” that internal voice that thwarts spontaneity, dampens creativity and holds some women hostage to anxiety.”— Kathryn Kolbert, Director of Barnard College’s Athena Center for Leadership Studies

Dr. Beth Weinstock & Dr. Jane Shure with Sarah Villamayor, Maria Ferrara & Jeffrey Kearns at The 2018 Know Your Value Leadership Development Program at Independence Blue Cross

The Renfrew Center Foundation's 25th Anniversary Conference 2015

Dr. Beth Weinstock & Dr. Jane Shure with Gloria Steinem at The Renfrew Center Foundation’s 25th Anniversary Conference 2015


Dr. Beth Weinstock & Dr. Jane Shure with Dean Donna DeCarolis & Susan Rocca at The Close School of Entrepreneurship, Drexel University 2016

Women Doing Business 2015

Dr. Jane Shure & Dr. Beth Weinstock at The Power Conference: Women Doing Business 2015

Montgomery County, PA Chamber of Commerce 2012

Montgomery County, PA Chamber of Commerce 2012

HBA (Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association) Philly 2013

(Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association) Philly 2013


Dr. Beth Weinstock at The Forum of Executive Women 2015 Leadership Symposium


Dr. Beth Weinstock at AWE (Alliance for Women Entrepreneurs) 2012