Women’s Leadership

Even Successful Women Struggle with Negative Self-Talk

Many women live with the negative self-talk of an Inner Critic that generates worry, increases stress, thwarts courage, and inhibits professional development, career advancement and one’s leadership capacity.

Women we work with talk about feeling like an imposter, despite great competency and achievement. This “imposter syndrome” creates fear of being “found out” and generates anxiety that undermines confidence.

Our training programs presents the Inner-Coaching™ Model for Resilience and offers tools for developing a smart Inner Coach to counteract negative thinking and self-doubting messages. It teaches strategies for promoting positive self-talk and supports the growth of self-confidence. Participants will learn how their own Inner Coach can influence and empower their leadership.

Dr. Jane Shure & Dr. Beth Weinstock
– The Power Conference: Women Doing Business 2015

Our Program Topics:

  • Strengthen the Voice of an Inner Coach to be more Powerful than the Inner Critic
  • Sustain Courage, Confidence & Resilience
  • Managing Stress during Uncertain Times
  • Fortify Resilient Leadership

“Due to lack of self-confidence, many women wait to be asked before expressing interest in a promotion. Dr. Jane Shure & Dr. Beth Weinstock have written and taught about women’s “Inner Critic,” that internal voice that holds some women hostage to anxiety.”

— Kathryn Kolbert, Director of Barnard College’s Athena Center for Leadership


Dr. Beth Weinstock & Dr. Jane Shure taught in a women’s leadership program at Barnard College from 2009-2016
Dr. Beth Weinstock & Dr. Jane Shure with Sarah Villamayor, Maria Ferrara & Jeffrey Kearns – Know Your Value Leadership Development Program, Independence Blue Cross 2018
Dr. Beth Weinstock & Dr. Jane Shure with Dean Donna DeCarolis & Susan Rocca – Close School of Entrepreneurship, Drexel University 2016
Dr. Beth Weinstock & Dr. Jane Shure with Gloria Steinem – Renfrew Center Foundation’s 25th Anniversary Conference 2015
Dr. Beth Weinstock – Forum of Executive Women Leadership Symposium 2015
HBA (Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association) Philly 2013
Dr. Beth Weinstock & Dr. Jane Shure – Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, Philly 2013
Dr. Beth Weinstock – Alliance for Women Entrepreneurs 2012
Dr. Beth Weinstock & Dr. Jane Shure – Montgomery County, PA Chamber of Commerce 2012