Eating Disorders & Body Image

Dr. Jane Shure & Dr. Beth Weinstock at The 25th Annual Renfrew Center Conference: 2015

Body Image is Complex & Multi-Dimensional

For 35 years we have helped people heal from the pains of body hate and body insecurity.

We are nationally recognized trainers of healthcare professionals who work with body-shame, perfectionism and eating disorders.

Today’s Culture Bombards Us with Messages about Perfectionism.

The advertising industry is brilliant at convincing us that our next purchase will make us feel attractive and successful. What we are really being sold is a sense of inadequacy. We can never achieve those idealized looks because they are not real. They are airbrushed, digitalized and fake images. In spite of these facts, we remain under the influence and buy in.

Negative Body Image Is Hard to Change, but It Can Be Done.

Positive body image doesn’t require that we love every aspect of our physical being. It requires self-acceptance, self-compassion, and shifting negative self-talk to more positive self-talk.