Leadership: Training Programs

The Resilience Group speaks at conferences, facilitates workshops and leads seminars including women-only events

  • Boosting confidence and courage
  • Resilience
  • Negotiation
  • Resilient Leadership
  • Successful Transitions in Leadership
  • Strengths Based Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence at Work
  • Leadership Presence
  • Calm the Inner Critic
  • Strengthen the Voice of Your Inner Coach


Develop an Inner Coach More Powerful Than Your Inner Critic: Staying Bold & Resilient in Stressful Times

Learn Inner-Coaching™ skills that help you maintain resilience, manage anxiety and stay positive in the face of life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Negative self-talk and the worry it generates don’t have to compromise your well-being, confidence, and success. Through guided mediations, experiential exercises and interactive demonstrations, you will learn:

  • Mindfulness strategies that promote positive self-talk
  • User-friendly techniques that shift self-doubt to self-support
  • How to strengthen the voice of your Inner Coach
  • The neuroscience of transforming thought patterns from those that undermine you to those that support you.

This workshop will help you open your heart & uncover a nonjudgmental, compassionate inner voice. You will transform your relationship with yourself and return home empowered to take steps for successfully moving beyond your Inner Critic.


Making Successful Transitions at Work

Transitions in the workplace can be personally and professionally fulfilling and yet be difficult to manage. Switching roles and increasing responsibilities entails not only adjustments to new tasks, but to a new relationship with ourselves and with those around us; it can actually feel like the world has gone on tilt! This workshop explores the challenges even successful leaders face when shifting roles; it demystifies assumptions (like “I need to know it all when I start”), supports realistic expectations and facilitates problem solutions that match new opportunities.


Building Resilient Leaders

Good leadership involves the willingness to make decisions, the courage to take risks, the ability to collaborate, access creativity and speak one’s mind. When these competencies are met with doubt and negative self-talk, a leader’s power is significantly diminished.

Resilient leaders are able to bounce back from adversity and adapt to new circumstances. They maintain a strong leadership presence and confidently transition into new roles and responsibilities.

Developed over two twenty years, our Resilient Leadership Model teaches strategies for Inner-Coaching™ that overpowers the Inner Critic, strengthens confidence and boosts resilience. Inner-Coaching™ expands emotional intelligence (EI), promotes positive self-talk, focuses on strengths, builds productive work environments and increases successful outcomes.


Managing Stress and Sustaining Resilience in Times of Uncertainty and Change

The complex demands and changes in the workplace today require us to manage high levels of stress and support resilience in ourselves and others.

When core competences are met with negative self-talk in the form of the Inner Worrier, the Inner Defeater or the Inner Critic, fear gets fueled and empowerment becomes significantly diminished. This program presents the Inner-Coaching™ for Resilience and discusses specific challenges for women in business and leadership. It teaches strategies for Inner-Coaching™ to shift negative self- talk into positive self-talk, transform worry into coping strategies and build self–encouragement, self-compassion and courage needed in times of transition and uncertainty.