“The Close School at Drexel has had tremendous success working with the Resilience Group. I have known Drs. Weinstock and Shure for a long time, and have full confidence in their methodology. Most recently, Drs. Weinstock and Shure were invited to lead our Maguire Empowerment Program for Women Leaders. Their impact has been transformative for our young women in the program. The “Resilient Leadership” philosophy definitely has a place at the Close School.”
– Donna M. De Carolis, Ph.D. Dean, Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship, Drexel University
“Personally, it was one of the best presentations I have attended in the 12 years I have been regularly attending meetings!”
– Roz Schaffer, Director of Human Resources The Barnes Foundation
SEPA SHRM Immediate Past President and VP Legislative Affairs
“They exceeded our expectations by actively engaging our employees, giving us practical and sustainable strategies that are useful to leaders at every level within the firm.”
– Joanne Szupka, CPA Assurance Senior Manager BDO, USA, LLP
“I have received such great feedback about Tuesday’s training.”
– Eddie Amador, Capacity Building Associate, Project Home
“Saturday’s session was the single most impactful experience we have offered through this program. You are a masterful and authentic facilitator and the content of your session was so powerful.”
– Corrie Adams, Emergent Leader Liaison, Wean Foundation
“It was eye-opening to understand the pressure we put on ourselves and to identify ways to navigate that energy into actions that are both beneficial to oneself and provide positive contribution to the greater team…It forced me to focus on the decision to value myself and my efforts.”
– Sara Emery Acting Chair of Program Committee HFMA (Healthcare Financial Management Association, Metropolitan Philadelphia Chapter)
“The audience was captivated by the teaching tools that were provided and everyone was held in rapt attention as the lessons unfolded.”
– Christie Mills, President, Professional Women’s Roundtable (PWR)
“Dr. Shure & Dr. Weinstock skillfully engaged my staff in a hands-on program that taught them to communicate when work stress and emotions run high.”
– Garry Maddox, Principal, A. Pomerantz & Co.
“Beth Weinstock and Jane Shure have found the key to unlocking your inner motivation with their presentation…they compliment their extensive experience and professionalism with a captivating, participant-focused presentation that leaves you ready stand up and say, “Yes, I can.”
– Kristin Hillsley, Financial Advisor, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
“With great understanding of the human spirit, Jane and Beth help people still their minds so that their souls can flourish.”
– Dr. Dan Gottleib, host of NPR Voices in the Family
“An exceptional faculty training day.”
– Al Rundio, PhD, DNP, APRN-BC Associate Dean, College of Nursing & Health Professions, Drexel University
“They engage audiences with wisdom humor and sensitivity …they’re a great duo, with the ability to balance didactic material and experiential exercises beautifully.”
– Judi Goldstein, MSS, LSW Conference Chair and Vice President The Renfrew Center Foundation
“Their presentation was delightfully interactive and spontaneous, while supporting their points with personal vignettes and to take home… This synergism blossomed into very rewarding, highly instructive and inspiring evening for everyone in the room – so much so that we’re following up with a half-day workshop in the near future.”
– Jean Brubaker, President, The Transition Network (TTN)
“They were dynamic, energetic, engaging and informative. Dr. Jane Shure and Dr. Beth Weinstock have an astute ability to assess and reach their audience via interaction that imparts knowledge while relaxing the participants.”
– Kathy Brandon, President & CEO, Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce
“We received rave reviews regarding Jane and Beth’s presentation. They were able to quickly build a rapport with our diverse membership including representation from law, business, finance, entrepreneurs, academia, non-profit, science, engineering, medicine… and provide us with the tools to explore our inner thoughts and the power in showing how these thoughts affect our professional and personal life.
– Melissa Dietrich, Past President of Professional Women’s Roundtable (PWR)
“Drs. Weinstock and Shure delivered a valuable workshop that was relevant for women at all stages of their academic careers and effectively captured the attention and interest of both faculty and students in attendance. Beth and Jane equipped these women with numerous strategies for confronting challenges and enhancing one’s leadership skills, and the resources and strategies they presented will certainly inform my work with students moving forward.”
– Rachel Verni, PhD Director of Undergraduate Research Hunter College CUNY
“In a short period of time, Beth and Jane created a safe space for staff from various departments and at various levels of seniority to share their vulnerabilities as well as their strengths. This was a great investment of time for our team.”
– Melissa Weiler Gerber, Executive Director, Family Planning Council
“Jane and Beth’s styles of instruction are easy-going, as they share personal anecdotes to corroborate the steps that are being emphasized, while they guide their audience to turn Inner Critics into Inner Coaches. The audience was captivated by the teaching tools that were provided and everyone was held in rapt attention as the lessons unfolded. Dr. Jane Shure and Dr. Beth Weinstock present a relevant message that greatly benefits women of all ages and professions.”
– Christie Mills, President of Professional Women’s Roundtable (PWR)