Remembering a Mother-in-Law Who Embodied Resilience & Leadership

It is only fitting that as this Mother’s Day rolls around, I stop to remember the person who raised and nurtured my husband to be the loving, humanitarian man that he is.

My mother-in-law was ahead of her time. If she had grown up in my generation, she would have been a highly successful business woman. I was always impressed with her pride in being a smart woman. There were a number of things that activated her to feel passionate and excited, the primary one being when women she knew would achieve and succeed. She always championed my drive to grow in my professional life, and often her support and cheer was far greater than that of my own peers or family. In a way, she got to live vicariously through my success and my rising position in the work world. From my own vantage point, I strongly sensed her angst at not being able to have more access to getting paid for what she was worth and gleaning respect that comes with compensation.

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