Managing Anxiety in our 21st Century Culture


Managing Anxiety in our 21st Century Culture:

What Works for Ourselves, our Kids and our



Millennials have been called
"the stressed out generation," as record numbers are
dealing with anxiety and depression. In this podcast, Dr.
Jane Shure, co-founder of The Resilience Group and
a nationally-recognized expert on self-esteem and self-confidence
issues joined Anne Anne Doyle, author of Powering Up! How
America’s Women Achievers Become Leaders; Podcast: POWERING UP!

along with co-host Monica and millennial Kevin Farrell to talk
about how 21st Century culture increases anxiety and how we can
help ourselves, our kids and our friends manage it.


"Worrying is a human
survival instinct and perfectly natural," says Shure.
Understanding how to manage it well can change your life. 



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Jane Shure, PhD, LCSW & Beth
Weinstock, PhD
, are
psychotherapists, authors and leadership development coaches
nationally recognized for their effectiveness in helping people
break negative patterns and achieve positive change. They speak
their mind on the Huffington Post, Medium, Authority Magazine
& ThriveGlobal. For more information about Beth and Jane, and
their work, see:       

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