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Empowerment Comes From Checking In, Not Checking Out

It happened again this week, as it does way too often. I was sitting in a leadership coaching session when my client proclaimed “I’ll just distract myself like I usually do.” To some, her solution to being spoken to disrespectfully may sound rather innocuous, it was no biggie. But in reality, distracting ourselves from something that is legitimately upsetting, can lead us to tune out and cut off from understanding the situation at hand, weakening our ability to effectively manage it. When we stay aware of what’s upsetting us, we increase the likelihood that we can become wiser and more strategic in knowing how to deal with it.

Many bosses in workplaces, parents in homes and partners in relationships are unaware of the way they impact other people, including the…

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Success Requires Grit and Resilience

Parents often wonder what they can do to boost the likelihood that their kids will grow into successful adults. One thing for sure that doesn’t help is when parents get fearful of dealing with their children’s emotion and instead give in to quick fixes for getting a child to be calm or happy.
Author and pediatrician Dr. Ken Ginsburg points out that young people gain resilience when “an adult believes in them unconditionally and holds them to high expectations.” He notes that “adolescents are harmed by both unfairly low and impossibly high expectations… and that they need to develop the capacity to realistically assess situations so they do not incorporate self-destructive messages or view uncomfortable situations as true crises.” To do this, young people need their parents to hold steady in the face of high emotional reactivity, set limits and follow through with consequences.

Tips for Building Presentation Confidence

No matter how seasoned you may be at public speaking, when it comes to making presentations, it’s really common to experience increased levels of anticipatory anxiety. Mark Twain once said, “There are two kinds of speakers: those that are nervous and those that are liars.” Here is a great resource, chock full of strategies for lowering stress levels & increase your confidence and boosting the likelihood of positive results.

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