Mindfulness at work: Listen to Jane Shure on Voices in The Family, WHYY

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Dr. Daniel Ames from Columbia Business School did a study recently that asserted that most people don’t know how they come across at work, whether it’s too pushy or too passive. Well what you come across as at work, and whether or not you are an effective leader, or if you are aware of it or not comes down to mindfulness. And we’ll talk about exactly that on this Voices in the Family with Dr. Jane Shure and CEO Sue Schick of United Healthcare. Jane Shure is a co-founder of The Resilience Group and a coach to businesses, teaching employees about their inner coach and how that plays into their resilience – which informs their life at work. She also writes for the Huffington Post. Sue Schick is the CEO of United Healthcare of the Greater Philadelphia Region and the recipient of many awards, including the Paradigm Award. She is a proponent and an example of leadership that involves mindfulness and mindfulness training. She is a CEO as well as a healthcare blogger.

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