Shifting from Negative Self-Talk to Positive Self-Talk

Do you want more courage & confidence?
Do you want to act with more assertiveness?
Do you want to feel more engaged & alive?

What does SELF-TALK have to do with it?

We all have self-talk. Psychologist, Nick Wignall, describes self-talk to be “that running commentary in your own head about everything from what shoes to wear, to what your boss’ secretary thinks about your new haircut. It’s our inner narrator who constantly describes the story of our life as it unfolds.”

Many of us are not aware of our self- talk or how self-critical it can be. When we hear negative self-talk over time, it can make us anxious, self-doubting and it has the power to undermine our happiness.

Negative self-talk is a habit we learned as children. It developed from the fear that we were not doing things “right-enough,” and served to motivate us to do better. Over time, negative self-talk inhibits motivation and impedes success and satisfaction.

We can learn more effective strategies for self-motivation, one’s that enhance our self-esteem and boost our sense of resilience. To do so requires strengthening awareness of what we are saying to ourselves and acting with a willing to shift into a more positive and encouraging style of self- talk.

Using positive approaches to self-talk can be a game changer in opening the door to your source of courage, confidence and self-compassion.

Join us to transform doubt, perfectionism and self-criticism into higher levels of self-support and inner calm.

Doing so will boost your sense of happiness and overall sense of well-being.

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Jane Shure, PhD, LCSW & Beth Weinstock, PhD, are psychotherapists, authors and leadership development coaches nationally recognized for their effectiveness in helping people break negative patterns and achieve positive change. They speak their mind on the Huffington Post, Medium, Authority Magazine & ThriveGlobal. For more information about Beth and Jane, and their work, see: