Goodbye, Inner Critic – Hello, Inner Coach

Goodbye, Inner Critic—Hello, Inner Coach

In the article, Goodbye, Inner Critic—Hello, Inner Coach, journalist Portland Helmich explains our key points for building an Inner Coach.

Recently, I received some unexpected news—the lovely condo I rent is being put up for sale. The fact that I have to move has me questioning whether I want to pack up my life on the West Coast and head back East.

When I’m faced with making major life decisions, it’s not pretty. I ruminate over every possible choice countless times, ask all my friends what they think I should do because I don’t trust my gut, and, after I finally make a decision, I can’t stop wondering if it was the wrong choice. In short, I drive myself crazy—or the voice in my head does.

Lately, the voice is saying, “Leaving Los Angeles is copping out. You haven’t given it enough time. You’re weak. You’re lazy. You’re going to regret it.” Meet my Inner Critic. She’s hell on wheels.

Kripalu invited presenter Jane Shure knows this voice well. A psychotherapist, leadership coach, and cofounder of the Resilience Group, Jane says, “The Inner Critic blames and shames and reminds us that we’re falling short. It’s the voice that says, ‘That was stupid. You should have done it differently.’”


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Strengthening the Voice of an Inner Coach will:

  • Relieve worry & decrease stress
  • Increase resilience to manage disappointments
  • Fortify courage to act assertively
  • Develop greater self-compassion
  • Tools that relive worry and decrease stress

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Jane Shure, PhD, LCSW & Beth Weinstock, PhD, are psychotherapists, authors and leadership development coaches nationally recognized for their effectiveness in helping people break negative patterns and achieve positive change. They speak their mind on the Huffington Post, Medium, Authority Magazine & ThriveGlobal. For more information about Beth and Jane, and their work, see: